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Filtres webLe Bourget, 18 October 2016 – NBC-Sys, a subsidiary of leading European land defense company Nexter, is at the Euronaval trade show, presenting the naval applications of its acknowledged expertise in protecting against CBRN (chemical, bacteriological, radiological and nuclear) threats.

At a time when the threat of nuclear, bacteriological and chemical attacks is widespread, NBC-Sys is designing and producing various air filtration systems, particularly for latest-generation ships around the world and the French navy's FREMM frigates.

This year, on the Nexter stand, NBC-Sys is exhibiting a marine filtration system with capacity of 2400m3/h, representative of those used on FREMM frigates, and a 300 m3/h NBC filter that forms part of those systems and is designed to be used against chemical warfare agents and particles using the "Citadelle" concept. The system overpressurises the vessel's living quarters by pumping in purified air. The quantity of air is sufficient to counteract the dynamic pressure of the air on the walls and to maintain a good level of physiological comfort for long periods.

An innovative water purification system (E-Chlorinator), which allows chlorine to be produced using ordinary table salt and provides protection against bacterial contamination in almost 6,000 litres of drinking water per hour, is also on display.

Find NBC-Sys and its products on stand F7

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Nexter presenting NARWHAL®, its remotely operated 20mm gun turret, at the Euronaval 2016 trade show between 17 and 21 October

NarwhalLe Bourget, 18 October 2016 - Nexter, a major, long-standing supplier of weapons systems at the leading edge of technology, presents NARWHAL®. This remotely operated and stabilised 20mm gun turret was designed using Nexter's huge experience in light naval mounts and technologies for gun turrets used on helicopters (THL20 and THL30).

NARWHAL® combines the impressive firepower of Nexter's 20M621 20mm gun – used by more than 25 countries – with a set of high-performance day/night electro-optic cameras and a moving target monitoring function. It is the ideal system for a broad range of critical missions. It is perfectly suited to surveillance and maritime police operations, but also interception and self-defence operations in the face of constantly evolving asymmetric threats.

NARWHAL® provides short-range self-defence for French and Egyptian FREMM frigates, for French MISTRALclass vessels and for Lebanese navy patrol boats. It will be also in service on patrol boats (Guyanese PLG light patrol craft) and on the HORIZON class frigates of the French Navy.

See NARWHAL® at the Nexter stand (F7) and in section C1 of the trade show.

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Nexter is displaying the extent of its expertise as a naval equipment manufacturer in the Euronaval 2016 trade show

EURONAVALVersailles, 17 October 2016 - Nexter is taking part in the Euronaval 2016 trade show being held at Paris-Le Bourget from 17 to 21 October. Nexter, a KNDS Group company, one of Europe's leading land defense companies, has also expertise as a major supplier of leading-edge weapons and protection systems to navies around the world.

The Euronaval trade show is a unique opportunity for the Nexter Group to present the full extent of its naval equipment range, which can be found at stand F7. The stand shows the Group's extensive expertise in naval weapons systems by featuring NARWHAL®, the remotely operated 20mm gun turret – now used by the French navy's FREMM and BPC vessels, Egyptian FREMMs and the Lebanese navy – together with the 15A mount.

The stand also presents the Group's full range of naval ammunition from 20mm to 127mm. Also on the Nexter stand, NBC-Sys – the Group subsidiary specialising in collective protection against CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) threats – is presenting its CBRN filtration systems for vessels, including those for FREMM frigates. NARWHAL®, along with a VBCI T25 on a trackway produced by Musthane, are also on display in section C1 of the trade show.

Find Nexter and its products on stand F7

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Eurosatory 2016 – Nexter, KMW: Two brands under a single banner


Munich/Versailles, 10th June 2016At Eurosatory 2016, the world’s largest international land defence and security exhibition, Nexter and KMW will be showcasing their product ranges under the joint KNDS banner on just one stand.

Customers, delegations, visitors, journalists, service providers and equipment manufacturers will be received in a common shared area displaying the name and colours of the Group incorporated in December 2015:


The formation of KNDS represents the beginning of consolidation in land defence systems in Europe. This consolidation represents a first-class opportunity from both a political and economic perspective. The strategic alliance between Nexter and KMW will enhance both groups’ competitiveness and international positions, as well as their ability to meet the needs of their respective national army.

The new name clearly identifies the alliance between two established brands. By preserving both corporate identities and their logos and by combining their colours, Nexter and KMW are affirming their cooperation by pooling their strengths and capitalising on the good fit they form, while each company maintains its own capabilities and products.

This milestone reflects the momentum already achieved and opens up a new chapter in Nexter’s and KMW’s development, as well as in Franco-German defence relations.

“We are glad to present our new step forward on the path to a European defence leader through our new name and our common presence during Eurosatory” said Stéphane Mayer and Frank Haun, the co-CEOs of KNDS.

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