Scorpion Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle contract awarded to Nexter, RTD and Thales


Varces, December 5, 2014 – On the occasion of its visit in the 27th Mountain Infantry Brigade Artillery of Varces (Isère), Jean-Yves LE DRIAN, Minister of Defence, handed the EBMR (Armoured Multi-roles vehicles) market to the CEOs of the GME (temporary consortium) formed by the French companies Nexter Systems, Renault Trucks Defense and Thales. Prepared by the Armament Procurement Agency (DGA), this market plans the development, the manufacturing and the support of the EBMR of the SCORPION program.

Under the EBMR contract, the Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle GRIFFON and Reconnaissance and Combat Armoured Vehicle JAGUAR will replace respectively on the one hand the VAB, and on the other hand, the AMX10RC, the ERC Sagaie and the VAB Hot, produced in the 70s and 80s and used extensively by the French Army in all theaters of operation for thirty years.

The contract covers all phases of an armament program, from development to unit logistical support through the qualification and production of systems. The GME is committed to the integral performance of the equipment in the long term as well as the operational availability of vehicles in service.

The state of the art innovation and know-how developed by the three companies in the GME in the domains of mobility, protection, weapons and digitization will be integrated in the first SCORPION-approved systems. The effect on the ground for future joint tactical groups (GTIA) equipped with SCORPION EBMR systems will be greatly increased with regard to the previous generation.

This program has a structuring effect for Nexter, RTD and Thales as well as for the French industrial sector that will be nourished by the subcontracting orders from the GME. It will create a thousand jobs in its development phase and 1,700 jobs in its production phase.

Almost 2,000 vehicles, and all associated logistical support equipment, will be delivered to forces from 2018.

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The Gabonese armed forces consolidate their partnership with Nexter Systems

Versailles, 7 November 2014 – The Gabonese Republic has chosen Nexter Systems to equip its four RaidCo RPB20 express-cruiser patrol boats with the 15A naval mounts, and its future ocean-going patrol boat, ordered on 29 October 2014 from the Piriou dockyard, with the 20mm NARWHAL® remote-controlled naval gun. These weapon systems, based on the 20 M 621 cannon, will enable the Gabonese navy to effectively combat piracy and will contribute to the protection of Gabonese national waters.

 NARWHAL Copyright Nexter

In another show of faith in the products and services on offer from the Nexter group, on 29 October, Gabon also ordered 12 ARAVIS® highly armoured vehicles to equip its battalion committed in the Central African Republic as part of the UN’s MINUSCA mission.

These vehicles will be fitted with the ARX20 turret, the PG-Guard anti-RPG protection system and NERVA® LG mini scout robots.

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Nexter Systems signed a contract with the Gabonese Republic for 12 ARAVIS®
ARAVIS WebVersailles, October 29th, 2014 – Philippe Burtin, CEO of Nexter, signed today a contract in the presence of the French and Gabonese Ministers of Defence, Jean-Yves Le Drian and Ernest Mpouho Epigat, to supply the Gabonese Republic with 12 highly protected 4x4 vehicles ARAVIS®.
These 12 ARAVIS® will be equipped with Nexter remotely controlled 20mm turret ARX20 and RPG protections PG-Guard, but also with Nexter Robotics reconnaissance UGV NERVA®LG. These vehicles will join a battalion which will be deployed in Central African Republic within the MINUSCA under the United Nations authority.

The French Procurement Agency (DGA) qualifies the 32 tons VBCI

Copie de NexterRoanne 131

The French Procurement Agency (DGA) declared the qualification of the new version of the VBCI armoured infantry combat vehicle on September 24, 2014. This new version has a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 32 tons, as opposed to 29 tons for the original version. The increase in the GVW not only enables the vehicle to confront the toughest threats within Army theatres of operations with improved vehicle protection (increased protection against mines, IEDs, rockets, etc.) but also preserves the vehicle capability to be upgraded and enables it to adapt to future needs.

The qualification is the result of essential tests to guarantee the safety and performance of the vehicle. Thus, for 18 months, the 32 tons prototypes cleared the DGA's many obstacles and covered the special tracks in sandy Biscarosse, muddy Coëtquidan and Fontevraud, rocky Canjuers and snowy Valloire.

Nexter will deliver to the French armed forces this new version of the VBCI in its 32 tons configuration from 2015.

The VBCI has been projected in Afghanistan and Lebanon in 2010, in Mali in early 2013 and in Central African Republic in 2014, where each time it has perfectly fulfilled the missions assigned to it, to the satisfaction of the troops involved.

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Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and Nexter Systems plan alliance

Munich/Versailles, 01 July 2014. – Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) and Nexter Systems (Nexter), two leading European providers of land defence systems, intend to share their future road ahead. On 01. July 2014 in Paris, the owners of the French and German companies signed a Heads of Agreement to this effect. The alliance of the two groups under the umbrella of a joint holding company creates a Franco-German defence technology group with a current annual turnover nearing 2 billion euro, an order book of around 6.5 billion euro, and more than 6,000 employees.

KMW, Nexter and their owners view this step as decisive for the consolidation of the defence technology industry in Europe. Their new strategic alignment makes it possible to retain jobs and skills in the heart of the European Union. The product portfolios of the two companies and their regional presences on the world market complement each other. The alliance of KMW and Nexter creates a group with the momentum and innovative force required to succeed and prosper in international competition. In addition, it offers to its European and NATO customers the opportunity of increased standardisation and interoperability for their defence equipment, with a dependable industrial base.

Nexter S. A. is in the sole ownership of the French State holding company GIAT Industries S. A.; Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co. KG is in the sole ownership of Wegmann GmbH & Co in Kassel. For the intended unification of the two companies, the current sole owners intend to contribute their shares into a newly incorporated joint holding company. They will each receive 50 percent of the shares of this holding company, which will become the sole shareholder in KMW and Nexter. The governance of the holding company will take into account the balance between the two shareholders, who will be reference investors in the new combined group with a long term industrial perspective.

The target date for the alliance is early 2015. In the meantime, the two future partners will both be subject to a process of due diligence. The alliance project will be subject to legal and customary regulation approvals.

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Nexter exhibits on its booth a CAESAR® on 6x6 Indian truck chassis during DEFEXPO


a Caesar Ashok Leyland 020 - CopieFrom February 6 to 9, 2014, during the DEFEXPO exhibition in New Delhi, the French group Nexter presents on its booth for the first time, in partnership with Larsen & Toubro, a CAESAR artillery system on an Ashok Leyland truck chassis.


This Indian CAESAR® is proposed by Larsen & Toubro to respond to the Mounted Gun System (MGS) program and follows on the partnership with Nexter built around the Indian Artillery. Both groups are actively cooperating on the Towed Gun System (TGS), MGS and M46 Up-gunning programs in order to address the needs of the Indian Forces. With this project, associating the CAESAR® artillery system from Nexter Systems and the Super Stallion chassis from Ashok Leyland, Larsen & Toubro offers, with its partners, the best Mobility/Firepower compromise to the Indian artillerymen.


The CAESAR artillery system is already in service in 3 Armies throughout the world, and has been combat proven in Afghanistan, Lebanon and Mali where it has been deployed by the French Army.



Nexter Robotics, NBC-Sys et Euro-Shelter sont présents au Parc des Expositions de Paris-Nord/Villepinte pour les salons Milipol et MIDEST du 19 au 22 novembre

DSC 0073A l’occasion de la 18e édition du salon de la Sécurité Intérieure des Etats (Milipol Paris), Nexter Robotics et NBC-Sys présentent sur leur stand (R038) une possible association entre les mini-robots de reconnaissance NERVA et les détecteurs NRBC qui permettrait notamment de limiter l’exposition des personnels sur le terrain.

Présentée pour la première fois à Milipol, la gamme NERVA y est également mise en valeur de façon innovante au travers d’un parcours thématique et dynamique. DSC 0080Reprenant diverses situations opérationnelles auxquelles les NERVA peuvent être confrontés (Ascension de pentes raides, détection de menaces NRBC, chutes, évolutions dans un environnement à luminosité réduite, immersion dans l’eau), ce parcours vise à mettre en avant de manière ludique la résistance, la polyvalence mais aussi la simplicité d’utilisation des mini-robots de Nexter Robotics. La protection face aux menaces NRBC avec notamment la présence du masque à gaz SIRANO de NBC-Sys, est également à l’honneur sur ce stand commun.DSC 0085

Juste en face du salon Milipol, au hall 6 du Parc des Expositions, les visiteurs pourront également se rendre au salon MIDEST où Euro-Shelter présente sa nouvelle maquette de « concept-train » réalisée entièrement en panneaux sandwich. L’utilisation originale de ce matériau, alliant rigidité et légèreté, a d’ailleurs permis à Euro-Shelter de remporter le prix de l’innovation du salon dans la catégorie « Bureau d’Etude ».




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