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From design to production and customer support, NBC-Sys applies its expertise across a broad range of technologies to counter Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical threats (NRBC).

Its product range covers detection (chemical and biological threats), personal protection (gas masks, filter cartridges, etc.), group protection (air treatment, climate control and filtration systems for vehicles and buildings) and decontamination (of aircraft, vehicles, sensitive equipment and personnel).

Military and civil applications

The overwhelming majority of NBC-Sys people are technicians, engineers and managers, who apply their specialist skills to delivering creative innovation, project management and customer service. Our skills focus on the following areas of expertise:

·  Chemistry
·  Biology
·  Measurement and testin
·  Thermal technologies
·  Aeraulics
·  Electronics (hardware and software)
·  Mechanical engineering
·  Plastics processes
·  Ergonomics

P1050679In responding to the expectations of its military and civil customers, NBC-Sys applies a proactive policy of preparing for the future by devoting approximately 20% of its annual revenue to R&D.

Its engineers work in close collaboration with the advanced research teams of private, public and university laboratories, including those of the CEA (the French atomic energy authority) and the DGA (the French defense procurement agency).

NBC-Sys products can be found all over the world, with particular focus on Europe, Asia and the Gulf States.

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NBC-Sys News

NBC-Sys au salon Milipol Paris

NBC-Sys sera présent au salon Milipol Paris du 21 au 24 novembre 2017.