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19.01.21 -
First successful piloted firings for artillery shell 155 KATANA

The KATANA smart artillery ammunition successfully demonstrated its flight control capability during a test campaign in Sweden from December 7 to 11, 2020. This success marks a decisive milestone for the KATANA development program.

15.01.21 -
Nexter and Texelis are notified of SERVAL's first series production tranches

Nexter and Texelis, as part of the temporary grouping of companies (GME) light-VBMR (véhicule blindé multi-rôles) SERVAL, were notified on December 23, 2020 by the French Delegation for Armaments (DGA) of the first production tranches of the SERVAL contract, i.e. 364 vehicles.

23.12.20 -
Nexter, Thales et Arquus succeed in presenting the 128 GRIFFONs planned for 2020

On December 18, 2020, Nexter, Thales and Arquus, as part of the temporary grouping of companies (GME) EBMR (Engins Blindés Multi-Rôles), presented the 128th GRIFFON planned for 2020 to the French Delegation for Armaments (DGA).

14.12.20 -
KNDS (Amsterdam/The Netherlands) completes a decisive step towards further integration

Five years after the merger of Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (Munich, Germany) and Nexter Systems (Versailles, France) under the joint holding KNDS, the Group’s governance is being restructured.

04.12.20 -
Nexter delivers the first regenerated VBCI

On 4 December 2020, during a visit to the Integrated Structure for Maintaining Land Equipment in Operational Condition (SIMMT) at the Roanne site, Nexter teams will present the first four regenerated armoured infantry fighting vehicles (VBCI).

26.11.20 -
SCORPION: GRIFFON command post is qualified

On 13 November 2020, the French Delegation for Armaments (DGA) qualified the command post vehicle (EPC) variant of the GRIFFON vehicle.

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French warships to get new drone swarm-killing gun derived from land weapons

PARIS – France’s future navy surface ships will be protected from swarm attacks by the RAPIDFire very short range weapon system developed by a Thales and Nexter consortium, the DGA French procurement agency has announced.

RAPIDFire: Thales and Nexter to equip French Navy ships with new CIWS system

The RAPIDFire system developed by the consortium formed by Thales and Nexter has been chosen by the French defence procurement agency (DGA) to equip future French Navy vessels with new artillery. This new system will provide the Navy’s surface vessels with an effective close-in defence capability against modern air and surface threats.

French forces to get new batch of Jaguar, Griffon armored vehicles

PARIS – The French Ministry of the Armed Forces has announced a firm order for a second tranche of the Jaguar and Griffon armored vehicles that lie at the core of its ambitious Scorpion program to reconfigure how its army wages war.

Are the future French Navy OPVs set to get the new RAPIDFire 40mm naval gun system ?

Will the future French Navy Offshore Patrol Vessels get a RAPIDFire 40 mm naval gun ? The French Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly recently lifted veil on the future generation of « Patrouilleurs océaniques » (PO OPV), shedding light on another ship class likely to adopt the new naval gun system by Nexter and Thales.

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