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RAPIDFire: Thales and Nexter to equip French Navy ships with new CIWS system


The RAPIDFire system developed by the consortium formed by Thales and Nexter has been chosen by the French defence procurement agency (DGA) to equip future French Navy vessels with new artillery. This new system will provide the Navy’s surface vessels with an effective close-in defence capability against modern air and surface threats.

French warships to get new drone swarm-killing gun derived from land weapons


PARIS – France’s future navy surface ships will be protected from swarm attacks by the RAPIDFire very short range weapon system developed by a Thales and Nexter consortium, the DGA French procurement agency has announced.

Euronaval Online 2020: Nexter presents its RapidFire 40mm naval gun system


At the digital edition of Euronaval Online 2020, the international naval defense and maritime security industry virtual exhibition, the French Company Nexter Systems presents its 40mm RapidfFire, the latest generation of naval gun system jointly developed by Nexter Systems and Thales.

Jordan deploys for the first time Leclerc main battle tanks during military exercise


According to a Tweet published on the Twitter account of Nashab on October 19, 2020, the Jordanian army has deployed for the first time Leclerc Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) donated by the UAE (United Arab Emirates) during the military exercise Salah al-Din Citadel.