Nexter at the heart of innovation is present at the Defense Innovation Forum

Paris, November 22, 2018 Nexter, a KNDS Group company, European leader in land defense, is present at the first edition of the Innovation Defense Forum (FID) which takes place from 22 to 24 November, at the city of fashion and design in Paris. Nexter is constantly innovating to provide combatants with a decisive operational advantage, while reducing their vulnerability and improving their ability to accomplish their missions. Thus, Nexter works on future technologies in various fields such as protection and stealth, artificial intelligence and digitization of the battlefield or robotics and autonomous systems.



Nexter in indonesian soil

Jakarta, 8th november 2018 Nexter, a KNDS group company, leading European terrestrial defence company, is present at Indodefence 2018 from the 7th to the 11th of November 2018, in Jakarta, on one of Asia’s most important defence and security exposition. Nexter, which provides 100% of French land forces combat systems, is one of the world main artillery producer. The Group intends to capitalize on a perfect and hundred year old control of the weapon/ammunition couple. Supplier of the Indonesian army in CAESAR® artillery systems, Nexter unveils in Jakarta its large solutions and equipment range; from artillery to ammunition, all the way up to AFVs and robotics, naval weapon systems, decision aid and simulation tools.




Nexter and CMI Defence will cooperate to deliver and support the CaMo fleet of the Belgian Land component

Versailles-Satory, November 8, 2018 - Nexter and CMI Defence have signed a cooperation agreement which is in the continuity of the intergovernmental agreement between France and Belgium concluded within the framework of their strategic partnership in military cooperation, as well as the appointment by the French government of Nexter group as winner of the "Motorized Capabilities" program (CaMo). The agreement between Nexter and CMI defines how the two companies will cooperate in order to deliver to the Belgian Land Component, and then support and maintain, a fleet of 382 Multi-Role Armored Vehicles (VBMR) GRIFFON and 60 Reconnaissance and Combat Armored Vehicles (EBRC) JAGUAR.



Nexter loyal to MILIPOL Qatar

photo milipol Q

Doha, October 29, 2018 - Nexter, a KNDS Group company, European leader in land defense, is present at the Milipol Qatar from October 29 to 31, 2018, in Doha. Providing 100% of French land forces fighting gear and with its experience with several armies in the world, Nexter Group signed at the end of 2017 a strategic partnership with the Qatari government. Concluded under the Al Rayyan program, the agreement covers the acquisition and maintenance of 490 VBCIs. For this 12th edition, Nexter exhibits its know-how in the fields of homeland and civil security, but also in terms of armored vehicles, high-tech equipment and its wide range of ammunition.




Nexter will equip the Belgian Landcomponent with VBMR-GRIFFON and EBRC-JAGUAR

Versailles-Satory, October 26, 2018 -The Belgian Council of Ministers of October 25, 2018 approved the signing of an intergovernmental agreement with France concerning the establishment of a strategic partnership in the field of land mobility under the CaMo program. France and Belgium will develop close cooperation between the land forces of both countries. In this context, Belgium is planning the complete retrofitting of its motorized capacity through the acquisition of 382 GRIFFON multi-role armored vehicles (VBMR) and 60 JAGUAR armored reconnaissance and combat vehicle (EBRC), whose industrial mastery of work will be provided by Nexter Group.



 Nexter solutions for tomorrow’s navies

Stand Nexter Euronaval 2018


Le Bourget, 23 October 2018 Nexter, a KNDS group company, European leader in land defense, will be present at the Euronaval exhibition from 23 to 26 October 2018 in Paris Le Bourget. Nexter, an architect and land defense system integrator, providing 100% of the combat vehicles of the French Army, is also a weapons system and ammunition manufacturers of the Air Forces and Navies. All the group’s know-how and high technologies, especially concentrated in the future vehicle of the SCORPION program - EBRC-JAGUAR, VBMR-GRIFFON and Lightweight VBMR-SERVAL - are available throughout the Nexter range deployed on combat aircraft Rafale, Tiger combat helicopter, or aboard the Charles De Gaulle aircraft carrier, the Multi-purpose frigate (FREMM) and the Mistral class amphibious assault ship, always at the service of the fighter.



Nexter present in Hanoi for HOMELAND exhibition

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Hanoi, October 2, 2018 - Nexter, a KNDS Group company, European leader in land defense, will be present for the 3rd Homeland Security Expo (HSE) which will take place on October 3 and 4, 2018 in Vietnam. French land defense system integrator, Nexter is the main partner of the French Army, providing 100% of its combat gear and most of its artillery systems. Central actor of the SCORPION program, Nexter is the design autority of the JAGUAR armored reconnaissance and combat vehicle, a concentrate of know-how and advanced technologies at the combatant’s service.


Nexter News

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