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SYEGON® CTIS, central tire inflation system is unique, thanks to SYEGON, it is possible to customize the management of the vehicle tire pressure, wheel by wheel, while the vehicle is moving.

SYEGON® can communicate with other functions or devices of the vehicle, using the CAN BUS protocol SAE J1939. For example :
- SYEGON® can automatically manage the locking and unlocking of the vehicle differential, depending on the terrain selected by the driver.
- SYEGON®'s EPCU can be controlled by the on-board computer, without the use of the RCP, displaying target pressures and other tire parameters on a single display on the dash-board, hence, saving room in the vehicle cabin.

 SYEGON® offers 4 input and 4 outputs that can be programmed in order to create specifically customized functions, such as:
- use of a pressure intensifier in parallel of the embarked compressor in order to inflate tires up to a pressure above the capacity of the embarked compressor. SYEGON makes it possible to switch automatically to the intensifier air supply line. (Download the presentation and watch the VIDEO)
- triggering of an alarm depending on the status of an other device (radar position, door open, speed)
- creation of an alarm in case of overheating tire.

Your applications need a special treatment or development?

SYEGON® can very probably answer your specifications

with a minimum developement cost and investment for your R&D and designer team.

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