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SYEGON®  CTIS, central tire inflation system, capitalizes on the easiness of integration in all kinds of vehicle.
Thanks to few components, the tire pressure management is simple, fast and safely performed:

- In the vehicle cabin : the RCP, Remote Control Panel
- On the vehicle Chassis : the EPCU, Electro-Pneumatic Control Unit
- a single communication harness between RCP and EPCU, standard or customized length
- at each wheel (integrated in the rim, or mounted on the rim, various designs are available) : a wheelvalve, NORMALLY closed for safety
- modern electronics allowing a very compact design.

The three main configurations of SYEGON® are kits for 2, 3 or 4 axles (vehicles respectively 4X4, 6X6 ou 8X8).

4x4 kit 4x4 6x6 kit 6x6 8x8 kit 8x8

 The system is also available upon request for 5 axles (vehicles 10x10).

Mounting Principle

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