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SYEGON® CTIS, Central Tyre Inflation System, allows the safest wheeled-vehicle tire pressure management for various applications,  such as 4X4 All-Terrain Vehicles, tactical armoured trucks, Agriculture...). 
By an appropriate inflating and deflating of their tires, while they are moving, thousands of vehicles in operation all over the world, gain quicklly in mobility, whatever the environmental conditions (temperature, dust or pollution, humidity ratio).
SYEGON® provides the driver essential functions :

- Front Panel automatic lighting extinction (Black-Out)

- Front Panel Day/Night lighting

- High Frequency Tire Watch (triggered by the crew, in case of suspicion of tire leakage)

- Speed/tachometer connection

- Overspeed alarm (VIDEO)

Beyond the above "standard" functions and the mere optimized control of tire pressure, our engineering team were also concerned to give suitable answers to our client requests. This is why SYEGON® was developped in order to provide better :

  1. Reliability
  2. Crew safety
  3. Performance and life-time
  4. CTIS and vehicle lower costs of ownership
  5. Integration in the vehicle
  6. Optimisation vehicle resources(energy, compressed air)
  7. Customization of the CTIS, to communicate with other functions of the vehicle
  8. Answers to specific requirements, expressed by users of SYEGON®

  1. Reliability
    * The Central Tire Inflation System SYEGON® enhances vehicle mobility. SYEGON® is compliant to all the most recent military norms (among which the Electro Magnetic Compatibility, or EMC MIL-STD-461F, temperature : -46°C à +85°C, ...).  SYEGON® also fulfils specific requirements specified by some demanding OEM's.

    Download the short list of the norms

    Download the extract of ECM certification of SYEGON®

  2. Crew safety
    * SYEGON®, CTIS, Central Tire Inflation System, controls tire pressure wheel by wheel. That technology is more secure than technologies which manages tire pressure axle by axle:

    * Wheelvalves are NORMALLY closed

    * Upstream broken piping will not lead to the deflating of the tire

    * In reverse, ONE flat tire can be isolated by SYEGON® and do not lead to the deflating of the other wheels.

    * SYEGON®, will still manage the remaining wheels as normal

    * SYEGON® can compensate safely a small leakage, preventing therefore the wheel to run flat

    Hence, thanks to its technology, SYEGON® provides vehicles more safety avantages that other systems which manage pressure axle by axle, or leave the piping constantly under pressure.

    Besides, SYEGON® sends alarms to the crew in case it detects a leakage. The alarm is displayed with a flashing LED representing the concerned wheel.

    SYEGON® warns the crew in case of a flat tire with a constant lighting of that LED.


  3. Performance and life-time
    * Thanks to the Central Tire Inflation System SYEGON®'s technology, pneumatic tubing is never left under pressure - except during processes of inflating, deflating and controling the tire pressure. This technology, on the contrary to other technologies that do leave compressed air in the tubing constantly, presents the following benefits:

    * SYEGON®'s technology limits the sollicitation of the rotating seals located in the axles of the vehicle, to the minimum required occurences (inflating, deflating, measuring). This results in a longer life time of these rotating seals, which is a critical part of the truck reliability and particularly costly to repair and change in terms of time and human resource. Thanks to SYEGON®, preventive maintenance periodicity can be extended.

    * SYEGON®'s wheelvalves exhaust air from tires directly outside in the atmosphere:

    - this avoids contamination going from the tires back into the pneumatic piping, which is the case of other technologies.

    - this results in a shorter deflating time. SYEGON® is recognized for being one of the fatest system to deflate tires.

  4. CTIS and vehicle lower costs of ownership
    * In option,  SYEGON®: is able to make a real time measurement of the tire pressure and temperature, with the following benefits :

    * Less sollicitations of the rotating seal, which increases the life time of the rotating seals, decreases the preventive maintenance frequency and the costs in terms of time and human resources.

    * SYEGON® can manage tire pressure and temperature wheel by wheel in real time, preventing the waste of compressed air

    * SYEGON® can send an alarm instantaneously in case is detects a pressure loss, it reacts immediately by compensating the pressure loss and leak(inflating the tire), preventing the prematurated deterioration or bursting of the tire.



    download the presentation and VIDEO

  5. Integration in the vehicle
    * SYEGON®  CTIS, central tire inflation system, capitalizes on the easiness of integration in all kinds of vehicle.
    Thanks to few components, the tire pressure management is simple, fast and safely performed:

    - In the vehicle cabin : the RCP, Remote Control Panel
    - On the vehicle Chassis : the EPCU, Electro-Pneumatic Control Unit
    - a single communication harness between RCP and EPCU, standard or customized length
    - at each wheel (integrated in the rim, or mounted on the rim, various designs are available) : a wheelvalve, NORMALLY closed for safety
    - modern electronics allowing a very compact design.

    The three main configurations of SYEGON® are kits for 2, 3 or 4 axles (vehicles respectively 4X4, 6X6 ou 8X8).

    4x4 kit 4x4 6x6 kit 6x6 8x8 kit 8x8

     The system is also available upon request for 5 axles (vehicles 10x10).

    Mounting Principle

  6. Optimisation vehicle resources(energy, compressed air)
    * CTIS SYEGON® is particularly concerned with savings of the vehicle resources (energy, compressed air).

    In option,  SYEGON® can manage tire pressure and temperature, still wheel by wheel, and in real time, preventing therefore the waste of compressed air and the use in vain of the compressor capacity.

    Download the Presentation and the video.

  7. Customization of the CTIS
    * SYEGON® CTIS, central tire inflation system is unique, thanks to SYEGON, it is possible to customize the management of the vehicle tire pressure, wheel by wheel, while the vehicle is moving.

    SYEGON® can communicate with other functions or devices of the vehicle, using the CAN BUS protocol SAE J1939. For example :
    - SYEGON® can automatically manage the locking and unlocking of the vehicle differential, depending on the terrain selected by the driver.
    - SYEGON®'s EPCU can be controlled by the on-board computer, without the use of the RCP, displaying target pressures and other tire parameters on a single display on the dash-board, hence, saving room in the vehicle cabin.

     SYEGON® offers 4 input and 4 outputs that can be programmed in order to create specifically customized functions, such as:
    - use of a pressure intensifier in parallel of the embarked compressor in order to inflate tires up to a pressure above the capacity of the embarked compressor. SYEGON makes it possible to switch automatically to the intensifier air supply line. (Download the presentation and watch the VIDEO)
    - triggering of an alarm depending on the status of an other device (radar position, door open, speed)
    - creation of an alarm in case of overheating tire.

    Your applications need a special treatment or development?

    SYEGON® can very probably answer your specifications

    with a minimum developement cost and investment for your R&D and designer team.

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