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SYEGON®, central tire inflation system, is able to control tire pressure wheel by wheel. SYEGON® can inflate and deflate tires while the vehicule is moving, providing safety and comfort to passengers. SYEGON®, is available in 4 versions in order to fit customers' various needs:  bleu_vite

1- Full Automativ Version


2- Half-Automatic Manual Version


3- Trailor Automatic Version


4- Transport Simplified Version




Choosing a type of terrain (out of 4) and a level of load (out of 3), the user changes automatically the target pressure of each tires, to a pre-programmed value (target pressure configuration stored in the EPCU, Electro Pneumatic Control System). Target pressure settings depends on the specifications of the vehicle. The axles of the vehicles can be given different target pressures for each combination Terrain/Load  (Syegon® can handle 3 groups of axle). Target pressure are given for 4 types of terrain and 3 levels of load, i.e. 12 different values for each group of axles.


Advantages Cautions
  • Pressure management  WHEEL by WHEEL
  • Automatic check with a periodicty defined by the customer
  • High Frequency Tire Watch, to decrease the automatic check periodicity during a time lapse defined by the customer (useful in case of leakage suspicion)
  • Detection and compensation of small leakages
  • Individual isolation of flat tires, without disturbing the other wheels of the vehicle
  • Alarm in case of Overspeed depending on the selected type of terrain and the level of load
Pressure are programmed according to the customer requirements.
Any changes afterwards is possible whether by returning the product or by acquiring Syegon Diagnostic Software Tool.

Download SYEGON sales leaftlet : SYEGON POWER


 Complete documentation available upon demand : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




With the manual version SYEGON® MCU, there are no pre-programmed pressures. The user modifies each wheel tire pressure for himself. As in the Full Automatic version, pressure change is done while the vehicle is moving. The user can select a single or more wheels that he wants to inflate or deflate. Pressure measurement is read on a pressure gauge which is part of the Manual CTIS kit.

Advantages Cautions
  • Finer tuning of pressure wheel by wheel
  • As well as in the Full Automatic version, individual isolation of a flat tire, without disturbing the management of the remaining wheels
The user must remember to periodically check the pressure for himself 

Pour en savoir plus, télécharger la documentation SYEGON MCU



SYEGON MULTI is a unique Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS). A single Control Panel - RCP (Remote Control Panel) - can handle two separate Electro-Pneumatic Control Units - EPCU (Electro-Pneumatic Control Unit) : one EPCU is mounted on the trailor, the second is mounted on the tractor.
The RCP which is in the driver cabin can automatically detect the presence or absence of a trailor.
In case there is no trailor, the RCP will manage the tractor EPCU alone.
Specific target pressure can be programmed in each EPCU, which provides a convenient flexibility to fleet managers, as it does not matter to the RCP which trailor is attached to the tractor (the EPCU mounted on the trailor carries its own target pressures, a pressure settings specific to that trailor).
The trailor compressed air supply is used to supply air to its own EPCU. SYEGON® MULTI inflates and deflates the trailor wheels according to the selected terrain type and load level combination  (refer to SYEGON POWER).
Programmable Inputs/Outputs can be used to priotirize the use of compressed air supply (braking system, suspension, ...)





The simplified version SYEGON® MAINTAIN is developped to maintain a single and constant target pressure because some applications do not need the deflating process, such as long-haul transport trucks and trailors.
Without the need of the driver intervention, SYEGON® MAINTAIN controls the pressure wheel by wheel  and adjust the pressure in case it measures a value below the target pressure. Fleet managers do not need to rely on drivers goodwill. Sould a tire be under-inflated, SYEGON® MAINTAIN will automatically adjust the pressure of that tire, even if the trailor is moving.

The second interest of that feature concerns the trailor safety and reliability, as it will prevent accidents (human injuries or death) and bursting risk of under-inflated tire. Consequently, SYEGON® MAINTAIN will also reduce the probability of vehicle downtime which can be dramatic for your business and reputation.


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