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Central tire inflation system , CTIS SYEGON® MAINTAIN is particularly interesting for fleet managers, eager to make savings on fuel consumption and increase life time of tires.

SYEGON® MAINTAIN is a simplified version of SYEGON, as it aims at maintaining one single target pressure in all tires, still managing each tire pressure individually

SYEGON MAINTAIN prevents therefore underinflated tires, it can compensates leakage and sends alarms to the driver accordingly. Consequently, fleet managers can expect:

- to avoid early wearness of tires

- to limit consumption of fuel

- to prevent accidents and downtime due to punctures occuring along the way

Central tire inflation system, CTIS SYEGON® MULTI is particularly intereting for fleet managers of trucks and trailers.

SYEGON® MULTI  allows management of tire pressure of a truck and a trailer simultaneously, still discriminating between the truck and the triler. A single RCP is mmounted in the cabin. If the trailer is not connected, the system detects automatically its absence and manages the truck's EPCU alone.


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