Operational supply chain operator
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The Service Operational Center (COSS) enables Nexter to guarantee a high level of "customer-to-customer" service quality. A true control tower, that coordinates operational support activities: management of part call requests, hotline and implementation of associated services.

As the operational platform for supply chain management, the COSS processes more than 50,000 "customer-to-customer" requests, from call to delivery. Our supply chain represents more than 7 million parts delivered to over 100 sites with guaranteed delivery lead times.

Our performance is based on the implementation of innovative simulation models and tools based on product feedback and our knowledge of the customer. These models make it possible to predict and optimize the necessary stocks and adapt them to variations in product and equipment use.

The responsiveness of the operational supply chain is based on partnerships with local companies that are referenced and/or recognized for their skills.

To best serve our customers, we have a "Combat Proven" organization that improves the availability of fleets in service, control of support costs, reduction of logistics costs and optimization of inventory management of spare parts.