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The experts and resources in place at Nexter Mechanics allow us to offer and deliver solutions that meet your needs perfectly.


- The design office, which produces hydraulic system designs, selects components, prepares definition data packages, definition justification files, etc.

- The process planning department, which drafts test procedures, hydraulic systems test specifications, RCI and PVRI acceptance documentation, qualification files for special components, etc.

- A pressure- and climate-controlled assembly and testing facility

- 6 hydraulic equipment investigation and cleaning workstations

- A series of universal hydraulic test rigs enabling flow capacities of between 0 and 300 l/min at pressures between 0 and 1000 bar

- Data acquisition system accepting up to 8 simultaneous inputs (flow rates, pressures, temperatures in °C, fluid analysis, contamination, etc.)

- Decontamination and filtration units.

- Special dynamic and static test rigs.



? ISO 9001 and EN 9100

? PART 21G and PART 145 approvals

? EASA Form 1

The work done here includes:

- system design

- production of models and/or prototypes

- fabrication

- repair

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