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Presentation of ViDOK (Video Display Optical Kit) and the video periscope :

OPTSYS offers a very broad range of protected vision equipment, including day, night, day/night and video periscopes. You will find below the characteristics of our products :

 vidok- ViDOK : to fit with the Driver Vision Enhancement function, OPTSYS has designed ViDOK, a compact, economic and high quality video module. ViDOK is to be fixed under any day periscope and is dedicated for drivers, gunners and commanders. It allows night driving, maneuvering aid and tactical information display.

 Data Sheet

 video periscope - Video periscope : this product offers to the user, as a complement of the optical direct daytime channel, the comfortable night vision coming from the video channel. Optsys video periscope is compatible with all kind of cameras and can be coupled with Optsys ViPer system (Local Situational Awareness System).

Data sheet


  dnv 500 periscope - DNV 500 day / night periscope : this periscope is characterized by its extended nighttime bearing field provided by its unique turning binocular part. This characteristic makes it particularly interesting for observation at the commander station.

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 divers-023259 corrig  - DNV 400 day / night periscope : this periscope is a day and night observation or driving periscope usable by day or by night, intended to equip the commander or driver of an armoured vehicle.

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 hl 505- HL 505 day periscope : HL 505 is a retractable daytime observation periscope patented by Optsys providing troops with good observation capacity and small overall dimensional requirements in the vehicle.

Data sheet



- HL 54 day periscope : HL 54 is a daytime observation or driving periscope characterized by a wide field of vision adapted to turrets, cupolas and vehicles.

Data sheet


 hl 503 - HL 503 day periscope : HL 503 is a daytime observation periscope intended to equip a turret characterized by a wide bearing field and optimized transmission.

Data sheet


vue 360

 Local Situational Awareness System (LSAS) : ViPer System Data Sheet

 Discover the video presenting the OPTSYS ViPer System :


optsys viper system

 ViPer provides a Situational Awareness with a 360° day and night vision system, onboard any kind of vehicles (military, police, emergency...).ViPer has especially been conceived for surveillance and observation mission in harsh conditions.

Its dual application and many versions allow the ViPer system to fulfill different kind of missions :

- Real time imaging from 0 to 200 meters around a vehicle for a safe drop-off of the troops

- A recording and pictures functions for an optimum debriefing

- One (or two) independent PC tablet for an easy indoor or outdoor use.

 Muzzle boresight Data Sheet

lunette de bouche en opration

To improve the accuracy of the trajectory weapon systems, Optsys has created o muzzle boresighting range. A wide choice of caliber bars is available : from 7,5 mm to 155 mm (More choice upon request). 




L835 muzzle boresight, 12,7 mm     M230 muzzle boresight 155 mm

l835 m230



Aiming sight Data Sheet

 lunette de tirThe M112 weapons sight is aperiscopic aiming sight series associated with a periscop. It is equipped with a X5 magnification channel and is designed to be connected to a weapon elevation control. 




Integrated Armored Solution Data Sheet

 - OPTSYS, expert in integration of transparent shield on any military vehicle, provides a complete structure of integrated armored : machining + frame + assembly.

Thanks to our skills and know-how in engineering, OPTSYS designs adapted solutions in terms of mechanical constraint and mass reduction. 

The integrated armored solutions provides a high balistic protection level allowing to make all kind of mission without deterioration of the sight. 

For technical or commercial informations, please contact Sylvain FERNANDEZ +33(0)4 77 91 32 39

be episcopes                        Our services

- Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) : modernisation of optical and optronic equipment on all kind of vehicles, obsolescence remediation

- New products engineering : optical, optronic and mechanical design from development to industrialisation.

- Optical and dimensional testing in our optical measurement labratories (test and checking) : dark room, lasers, collimators, goniometers, FTM measuring benches and three-dimensional measuring machine.

- Rugged and robust optical and optronic equipment : climatic chamber, leak rate measurement.

- Environmental test capacity : thermal, cycling, damp heat conditions...            

In operational service of our productsproduits optsys

    • ViPer : VBCI and ARAVIS
    • Vision block, transparent shield : VAB, CRAB, ARAVIS
    • Periscope : LECLERC Vehicle, AMX, VBCI, ARAVIS...
    • Muzzle sight : French army

vbci 2 amx 10p





leclerc serie3aravis


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