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Nexter in Roanne and the Loire Training Center,
partners for the development of apprenticeship in the Industrial sector



Roanne, Wednesday, September 26, 2018,
Nexter and the Loire Training Center (CFAI-AFPI Loire) are signing their first partnership agreement today in Roanne.

This approach aims to develop apprenticeship in the industrial field but also to strengthen communication on the national territory to highlight the need for the training of companies in the Loire technical sectors.

For this new season, Nexter group in Roanne welcomes 3 apprentices from the CFAI Loire, trains 3 people as part of a Certificate of Qualification Paritaire de la Metallurgie (CQPM) in welding and 3 CQPM machining. A specific group of operator-fitters of 8 people also started a 3-month Collective Employment Operational Preparation (OPEC) that can be concluded with a 12-month apprenticeship contract.

Apprenticeship remains a preferred route for industries to train employees in the company's culture and trades. With 80% of professional integration at 6 months, apprenticeship enables sustainable integration into companies in technical trades and services to industry.

Christine PRAT, Vice-President of CFAI Loire, Daniel ROCHÉ, General Delegate of UIMM Loire ... André MARCON, Director of Nexter-Roanne is"pleased with this signing, a significant step in the company's ability to recruit closer to his needs”


The Loire Training Center: a center of expertise at the service of the company

2 training organizations (initial and continuing) created by the UIMM Loire
More than 30 years of experience
• 2 sites: Saint-Étienne and Roanne-Mably
• More than 900 apprentices trained each year
• More than 2,500 trainees accompanied each year in continuing education
• Educational teams from the workplace



Nexter: creator of Defense references

• KNDS Group Company (KMW + NEXTER Defense Systems), European leader in land defense.
• Design, development and production of complete artillery and armored defense systems. Its field of activity extends to the supply of weapons and ammunition systems for the air and naval forces.
• A land defense system integrator architect, Nexter is the manufacturer of a long line of machines such as the LECLERC tank, the Armored Infantry Combat Vehicle (VBCI), the versatile 6x6 TITUS® or the self-propelled gun CAESAR.
• The group is at the heart of the SCORPION program with the SERVAL, GRIFFON, JAGUAR vehicles, the renovation of LECLERC and the system architecture (tns-MARS).





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