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Stéphane Mayer, CEO of Nexter reelected Chairman of GICAT

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On the occasion of the Annual General Meeting of GICAT held on Thursday, June 28th in Paris, Stéphane MAYER, CEO of Nexter, was reelected Chairman of GICAT unanimously by the members of the board .


Chairman of GICAT since July 2016, he is therefore renewed in his duties proposing a roadmap which is a continuation of the actions carried out by the group for two years, with a new impetus:

  • Reinforced dialogue: continue exchanges with institutional actors, in particular those of the Ministries of defense and internal affairs, to best meet the objectives and needs of the French defense and security strategies;
  •  Innovation: further increase our capacity to innovate, in line with the ambitions of the different ministries, by exploiting the synergies between the members of the cluster (large groups, SMEs  and mid-cap companies, research centers and start-ups);
  • Export: contribute to the success of our members with more services and exhibitions and keep the world  leadership for land forces exhibitions with the next edition of Eurosatory in 2020;
  • Europe: support our members via a greater presence in Brussels particularly within the framework of  the European Fund of Defense development and the funding which can result from it;
  • Sector: strengthen support to the land and air-land industrial sector to meet current and future challenges, such as the SCORPION program or the Olympic Games 2024;
  • SMEs: continue to represent SMEs and meet their expectations, particularly in the context of the new SME Action Plan.

To consult GICAT's 2017 activity report, click here

A board of directors that reinforces its representativeness in Security.

In the continuity of a new strategy launched in 2011, our group confirms its diversification towards security with the arrival of 3 new members of the board of directors deeply involved in this sector: EGIDIUM, RISK & CO and SOPRA STERIA.

At this Annual General meeting, the following companies were elected or reelected on the Board of Directors:

  • AIRBUS HELICOPTERS (reelected)
  • CILAS (reelected)
  • CNIM (reelected)
  • DCI (reelected)
  • EGIDIUM (new member)
  • EOLANE (reelected)
  • ETIENNE LACROIX (reelected)
  • MANITOU (reelected)
  • RISK & CO (new member)
  • ROXEL (reelected)
  • SOFEMA (reelected)
  • SOPRA STERIA (new member by right)

After announcing the results of these two elections, Stéphane Mayer said: "I welcome the companies elected or re-elected on the Board of Directors; I thank all the administrators for their renewed confidence, and I am delighted, with all the council members and the whole team, to continue my mission at the head of GICAT, at the service of the French land defense and security industry, and in partnership with the relevant institutional actors."


The GICAT, a professional group created in 1978, has more than 245 members representing major groups, mid-cap companies and SMEs. These members cover a broad spectrum of industrial activities, research, services and consultancy for the military and civilian, national and international components involved in land or air-land security and / or defense.

GICAT companies represent more than 7 billion euros in turnover and more than 42,000 direct and indirect jobs.

The 16 other companies members on the GICAT board, whose mandate continues at the end of this general meeting, are:

  • ATOS
  • CMI
  • ELNO
  • MBDA
  • TDA

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