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Nexter showcases its armored vehicle and medium caliber gun know-how at the IDEX 2017 trade show



Abu Dhabi, February 17, 2017 – Decade after decade, Nexter, the leading French land defense systems and ammunition designer and manufacturer, has proven its dedication to providing the best of its technology, products and services to armed forces in the Middle East. Since the Leclerc MBT contract was signed in 1993, Nexter has opened 3 offices in the region, and has established a relationship of trust with its customers on the ground. With its strong presence at the 2017 IDEX trade event, Nexter is reasserting its position as one of the leading suppliers of defense systems in the Middle East.


Nexter’s armored vehicle know-how will be spotlighted on its booth with the presence of a UAE Leclerc MBT and a VBCI French 8x8 Infantry Fighting Vehicle, both combat-proven by French and Middle Eastern forces. Nexter, which possesses longstanding expertise in guns and ammunition, will showcase its latest products at the IDEX event, including the 40 CTA Unmanned Turret equipped with the 40CTAS - Cased Telescoped Armament System, a revolutionary 40mm cannon developed by CTA International, qualified and selected by the French and British Army for their JAGUAR and SCOUT programs. ARX® 25, one of our latest developments in medium-caliber RCWS, will also feature on Nexter’s booth.

In addition, Nexter’s Ammunition Business Group, Europe’s third-ranked ammunition designer and manufacturer comprising Nexter Munitions, Mecar and Simmel Difesa companies, will exhibit its extensive range of ammunition from 20mm up to 155mm for land systems (artillery, mortars, infantry, light armored vehicles and tanks), naval systems, and aeronautic systems.

The Nexter Robotics NERVA® robot range will also be presented on the booth with a full range of innovations, alongside Nexter’s Battle Management Systems (FINDERS®).

Stéphane Mayer, Chairman & CEO of Nexter, commented: “Nexter, a major and renowned supplier of combat-proven land defense systems for the Middle East, and especially the UAE forces, is particularly proud to be part of this year’s IDEX alongside its long-time customers and to showcase its best products and systems, suited for the needs of the area”.

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