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Nexter Comments on Government's Decision to Cancel the CCV

Ottawa, December 20, 2013 - Mr. Patrick Lier, Senior Vice President of Nexter Systems, said today that his company is very disappointed with the Canadian Government's decision to cancel the Close Combat Vehicle Program. "We certainly believe we had the best vehicle for the Canadian Armed Forces – one that would have provided very high levels of protection, mobility and firepower," said Lier.

"Nexter has invested a great amount of time, energy and resources in the CCV program over the past four years. Millions of dollars have been spent because we believed the competition would be fair, open and provide a rigorous assessment of the candidate vehicles with a view to acquiring the best possible medium weight infantry fighting vehicle for Canada," he added.

"The army suggested today that its LAV III Upgrade vehicles provide the CCV capability," said Lier. "As a company with decades of experience in producing armoured vehicles, we at Nexter are astonished by this assertion. The LAV UP simply does not provide the same level of protection or mobility. This situation also begs the question as to why the Army proceeded with a second CCV Request for Proposals (RFP) six months after it awarded GDLS the LAV UP contract in 2011. It knew the capabilities of both vehicles at that time yet decided to proceed with another RFP and engaged industry in another costly competition."

"Under the circumstances," he said, "we would certainly expect that the Canadian Government will open discussions with the bidders to provide information on which vehicle won the competition. It is important that other allied militaries interested in providing the best vehicle for their soldiers have the benefit of information generated by the rigorous testing process conducted by the Canadian Armed Forces at Valcartier, Quebec and the Aberdeen Test Centre in Maryland."

"In addition," said Lier, "it would be our expectation that the Government would compensate industry bidders for the cost of their bids. No company can afford to make such considerable investments only to have the process produce no result."

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