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105 LG 019Nexter Munitions is a part of the Ammunition Business Unit of the Nexter Group, with Mecar and Simmel Difesa. Nexter Munitions is first and foremost the manufacturer of ammunition associated with systems developed by Nexter Systems.

Ammunition is designed and qualified at the same time as systems, which guarantees efficiency, reliability and safety for their users.

The product family includes 155mm and 105mm ammunition (and 100mm naval) for artillery systems, 120mm and 105mm ammunition for battle tanks, 90mm ammunition for armoured vehicles and 40mm, 30mm, 25mm and 20mm ammunition for lightweight vehicles and guns onboard aircraft, helicopters and ships.

Most of this product family complies with NATO standards. 3196-051

Finally, Nexter Munitions is a recognized partner of European missile manufacturers in the production of warheads, safety and arming devices, pyrotechnic components, and IM (Insensitive Munitions) technologies and related charges.


Nexter Munitions is located on 3 sites:

› the La Chapelle Saint-Ursin site which accommodates the Senior Management and the ammunition integration units,

› the Tarbes site for the primary pyrotechnics activities

› the Bourges site which brings together the research and development teams composed of about hundred engineers and executives.

Nexter Munitions’ employees listen to each customer in order to best meet their needs and to propose the suitable services and products. 

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