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Nexter contributes to the social aspects of the company’s sustainable development policy through its corporate sponsorship program.




terre_fraterniteTerre Fraternité
TERRE FRATERNITÉ was formed in 2005 at the initiative of General Bernard Thorette, following the dramatic consequences of the Bouaké massacre of November 2004 and to meet the new needs of families and widows.
The organization was formed to address the fact that the government body responsible for supporting army personnel injured in combat (CABAT), whose role was, and remains, pre-eminent, did not have the financial structures in place to act quickly in the event of emergency and needed additional funding.

The mission of TERRE FRATERNITÉ is to supplement the remarkable action taken by the relevant official services by providing moral, material and financial support to those wounded in action, their families and the families of those who have not returned. It provides its assistance to every part of the ‘Army family’, regardless of background, rank, corps or specialty.
It is a flexible, slim and highly responsive organization made up entirely of volunteers. It has no paying members and needs representatives - of which we hope you will be one - because the organization exists only on the basis of the donations it receives.
To improve its efficiency and therefore its ability to meet increasing levels of need, TERRE FRATERNITÉ decided to merge its resources with those of the Association pour le développement des oeuvres d'entraide dans l'armée (ADO) chaired by Lieutenant-General Michel Barro. Our approach is all-inclusive, and seeks only to serve those who have paid the price for serving us as part of the French army.

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LogoChainedelEspoirKabul Hospital - La Chaîne de l'Espoir

La Chaine de l'Espoir is a non-profit organization providing access to medical care and education for the poorest children in developing countries. Its humanitarian action takes many different, but mutually-supportive, forms:
- Organizing care and treatment for these children in France
- Providing medical and surgical care at local level using local structures where they exist, and using the opportunity to transfer medical and surgical skills
- Supporting the creation of new specialist hospital units that meet international standards
- Sponsoring children to ensure that they receive education and ongoing medical care
Working alongside other defense industry companies, Nexter Systems contributes financially to the work done by La Chaîne de l'Espoir as part of its corporate sponsorship program.

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