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musee_blindsArmored Vehicle Museum (Saumur)

The Centre de Documentation des Engins Blindés (Armored Vehicles Documentation Center) was set up in 1965 by the French Ministry of Defense to gather together, conserve and restore vehicles and equipment of historic, technical and educational interest from France and abroad, and present them to the public in the Musée des Blindés (Armored Vehicles Museum). In fulfilling this mission, it has gradually filled the halls of the museum, with help and support from the local authorities for the Pays de la Loire Region, the Department of Maine et Loire and the City of Saumur. The collection brought together at Saumur now includes 880 vehicles, nearly 200 of which are in full working order. Since the Musée des Blindés was originally a military institution, its public activities are administered by a Loi 1901 charity called the Association des Amis du Musée des Blindés.

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MuseeFacadeTricolore2004The Draguignan Artillery Museum

The Artillery Museum forms part of, and is attached to, the French Artillery School at Draguignan in the Var region of southern France.
As one of the country's army museums, it contributes to conserving the military heritage, traditions and culture of the French Artillery, but as a largely public facility, is also a place of scientific research and discovery, a working institution, a study center and a learning resource.

Conserving the National Heritage
The collections on show here come from the:
- Conservatoire de l'Arsenal de PARIS, set up in 1685 by Louis Crevant, Duke of Humières, Marshall of France and Head of Artillery
- the Regimental Training Schools and the Artillery School created at CHALONS sur MARNE in 1791, which is being expanded over time by additional donations.  

Perpetuating army traditions and culture
Original documents and historic objects speak of the artillery traditions derived from the traditions of the French army itself and its continual evolution.
The museum places particular importance on the men of the artillery service and on retracing the technical and tactical development of artillery weaponry.

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250px-Muse_dart_et_dindustrie_de_saint_EtienneThe Saint-Étienne Museum of Art and Industry

This museum contains some of the greatest creations of industry, with extensive collections of weapons, soft furnishings and bicycles on three floors (the fourth floor of the museum is reserved for traveling exhibitions). The weaving trades and the famous tradition of Jacquard weaving are also well represented.

Ranging from the very first firearms to the latest hunting weapons, the Museum of Art and Industry collection has been recently expanded by the inclusion of a donation by the Army Museum of weapons produced by the historic Manufacture d'Armes de Saint-Étienne, reflecting the creativity of the city's armorers, as well as a number of foreign pieces. This is the largest collection of weapons in France after the Army Museum (Musée de l'Armée) in Paris.

Focused mainly on hunting and commercial weapons, the museum collection provides an essential resource for specialists in this field. Covering the entire period from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, it is a faithful reflection of the craftsmanship and industrial prowess of Saint Étienne, as well as presenting weapons from other factories in France and abroad. The weapons collection of GIAT Industries is a major part of France's weapons industry Heritage, and the collection of its historic predecessor the Manufacture d’Armes de Saint-Étienne (MAS) was donated to the Saint-Étienne city Museum of Art and Industry in November 2001. The local authority is fully committed to ensuring that this heritage remains permanently in the city whose identity and history are bound up with these aspects of industry. In total, the museum boasts around 4,358 items, nearly 3,000 of which are weapons of one kind or another. The Army Museum retains around 237 weapons (duplicates of those in Saint-Étienne or those of particular interest which add to the consistency and comprehensiveness of its collection), whilst the Museum and Art and Industry has a permanent collection of 2,341 weapons for which it is fully responsible. Some 350 pieces are on exhibition, with a further 1,991 in the reserve collection. A program of regularly changing themed exhibitions ensures that as many of these treasures as possible are available to the public.

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