Nexter will deliver to the Ministry of the Armed Forces 18 additional CAESAR® for the French Army

On July 13th , Nexter was notified by the French Ministry of the Armed Forces through the Direction Générale de l'Armement (DGA) of the order for new CAESAR® artillery systems . The systems will be delivered to the French Army by summer 2024 at the latest. Nexter, together with the DGA, have demonstrated great responsiveness in setting up the production launch of 18 CAESAR® systems within a few weeks . This accelerated procedure is in line with a wartime economy.

In order to allow a rapid availability while awaiting the entry into service of the CAESAR® MkII which will progressively equip the army's artillery regiments from 2026 onwards, the Ministry of the Armed Forces has chosen the CAESAR® MkI.

The CAESAR® MkI is the first version of this 155mm artillery system mounted on a truck chassis. Being the lightest in its class (18t), it has a very low logistical weight and demonstrates unmatched tactical, operational and strategic mobility.

The CAESAR® is distinguished by a very high level of performance

-The CAESAR® is characterised by a fast battery start up (less than one minute), a rate of fire of 6 rounds/minute and a very fast resupply (18 rounds/minute).

- Its 155mm/52 calibre gun is the only one in the world to be "long range proven " in conditions close to high intensity combat .

The selection of the CAESAR® by several partner countries, notably in Europe with Denmark, the Czech Republic, Belgium and Lithuania, shows the trust placed by our customers in this cutting edge equipment, which is demonstrating its unequalled capabilities in the battlefield.

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