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Developing partnership relations with our suppliers

For Nexter Systems, now centred on engineering and system integration, almost 80% of the added value of its products is provided by its suppliers.  Nexter Systems has therefore integrated into its global purchasing strategy the importance of long-term relationships with its suppliers, with the quality of these relationships being a strategic element for end-customer satisfaction. Creating a climate of trust with its suppliers in this way, one that is as transparent as possible, is a key concern for Nexter Systems.

The purchasing department wants to be an instigator of collaborative relationships. The purchasing policy in place at Nexter Systems lets us select the best suppliers, based on reciprocal commitments and a precise definition of responsibilities and the risks associated with them. Suppliers are thus involved in achieving quality, cost, time and performance objectives set by Nexter Systems.

Nexter Systems is committed to giving priority to French industry, which represents more than 85% of its annual purchasing commitments. Nexter Systems also pays special attention to its SMEs, which constitute 40% of its panel. This attention takes the form of a 30-day payment term policy to prevent economic dependency and the creation of a "Progress and Supplier Relations" service dedicated to the deployment and monitoring of good practices in customer-supplier relations.

In this context, Nexter Systems is a member and signatory of several charters and pacts that aim to develop and perfect partnership relations with suppliers, and especially with SMEs: 

These commitments aim to bring together major contractors in order to share best practices around five major axes: innovation, adaptation of rules, leverage, governance and partnership relations with their SME/SMI suppliers.

In light of these commitments, the presence of an internal mediator helps improve fair partnership relations between Nexter Systems and its suppliers. In case of litigation between a supplier and their contact, and after an unsuccessful attempt to resolve this dispute with them or any other relevant contact within the group, the supplier can involve the internal mediator so that a solution can be found jointly that is acceptable to both parties. 

Finally, an acquisition code of conduct has been in force since 2015. It is divided into two parts: one for stakeholders in the Nexter Systems acquisition process and the other for suppliers, who are signatories. Its purpose is to remind all those involved of the fundamental principles to ensure the sustainability of the business climate. 

Mediator contact:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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