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11.05.21 -
First firing of MMP from a Jaguar armoured vehicle

On 14 April, MBDA and Nexter participated in the first lock-on firing of an MMP medium-range missile from a Jaguar armoured reconnaissance and combat vehicle (EBRC).

14.04.21 -
Nexter prepares the future of battle tank armament

Leaning on its expertise in battle tank armament, illustrated by the Leclerc's self-loading gun, and on the excellence of its ammunition activity, Nexter (KNDS group) is presenting a new main armament concept for main battle tanks, designed to deal with future heavily armoured threats.

01.04.21 -
Nick Surber is new General Counsel of KNDS N.V.

Shortly after restructuring its management bodies, the Franco-German defence technology group KNDS is also strengthening its administrative management at its headquarters in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

12.03.21 -
KNDS completes the reorganization of its management structure. Nicolas Chamussy appointed as DG Nexter.

KNDS achève la réorganisation de ses structures de gouvernance, Nicolas Chamussy nommé Directeur Général de Nexter.

09.03.21 -
120 SHARD®: the new generation of anti-tank ammunition

Nexter Munitions demonstrates its capability for innovation by presenting the 120 SHARD® ammunition, a high-performance product available at short notice.

21.02.21 -
Nexter exhibits its range of products and services at IDEX 2021

From 21 to 25 February 2021, Nexter Group will be presenting its products and know-how on its stand (CP 320) at the 2021 edition of the IDEX exhibition

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Le Toulousain Nicolas Chamussy devient patron de Nexter

Nicolas Chamussy quitte le groupe Airbus où il a passé plus de vingt ans pour prendre la direction opé-rationnelle de Nexter.

Nicolas Chamussy (Airbus) prend les commandes de Nexter Systems

Nexter a enfin son patron opérationnel, qui prendra ses fonctions le 1er avril : Nicolas Chamussy. Le conseiller espace du groupe Airbus Nicolas Chamussy succède à l'ancien PDG, Stéphane Mayer, à la tête de Nexter à partir du 1er avril.

Nicolas Chamussy prend la tête de Nexter Systems

Nicolas Chamussy, venu d'Airbus, a été nommé directeur général de Nexter Systems, spécialisé dans la défense terrestre, a annoncé vendredi le groupe franco-allemand KNDS, dont Nexter constitue l'entité française.

French army receiving additional Griffons and first Jaguar armored vehicles

In 2020, 128 EBMR Griffons armored vehicles were deliv-ered to the French army. 119 additional ones are scheduled for 2021.

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