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Since 2006, Nexter has been actively committed to equal opportunities and the quality of working life. Promoting professional equality between men and women, employment for disabled workers, and, more broadly, respect for co-workers regardless of their opinions, origins, or differences, is at the heart of our managerial practices.

Our partnerships 

Logo Hangagés

HANGAGES was born in 2009 from the willingness of several companies, including Nexter, to share ideas, good practices, and experiences in order to better recruit and integrate disabled people. Over 6 years, we have grown and there are now 15 member companies.

We have all developed by sharing and building on our best ideas, by supporting the corporate short-film festival “Dans la Boîte!” [“It’s a Wrap!”] (2010, 2012, and 2014), by creating the film “Notre force à nous” [“Our Strength"], and by putting out a booklet entitled "Médecine du travail et handicap" ["Occupational Medicine and Disability"], which won OCIRP’s Prix Citoyenneté [Citizenship Prize] in 2012 and 2014. Our work on the realities and representations of Disability have borne fruit: yes, most definitely yes, disability and performance are compatible!

Logo FI

Femmes Ingénieurs [Women Engineers] is an association created in 1982. Its members are individuals – men or women – working as engineers and scientists, and corporate bodies: associations and businesses.

Femmes Ingénieurs has a twofold mission:
- promoting the engineering profession to girls in primary and secondary schools and in higher education.
- promoting women engineers and scientists in the working world through educating politicians and national and international institutions with committed men and women, with businesses who get involved and call upon us, and by accentuating our specificity as engineers, our skills, and our expertise.