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The launch of the CORVETTE project

Launched on October 1, 2010, the aim of the CORVETTE project is to offer a package of scientific innovations in industrial training (complex, safety and diagnostic procedures, maintenance procedures, technical skills, etc.) by exploiting the benefits of virtual reality technologies.
The CORVETTE project is firmly rooted in meeting industrial and applicative requirements.

More specifically, it is based on:
·    The GVT® generic virtual training system developed by Nexter Training.
·    Industrial-scale scenarios
·    External users (industry users club)
·    Leading research laboratories: INSA Rennes (project leader), ENIB/CERV and CEA List.

Screenshot of a scenario in preparation on the GVT® system

The key scientific barriers targeted by the CORVETTE project are:
·    Collaborative working: the major barrier to collaborative working is the ability to define a genuine form of cooperation between a real human being and an autonomous virtual human being
·    The virtual human being: the way in which the virtual human being - whether avatar or autonomous - actually moves is determined on the basis of a unified model that manages motion, kinetics and dynamics in order to adapt as effectively as possible to the constraints imposed by training scenarios
·    Communication: in collaborative working, the communication between a real human being and a virtual human being is a fundamental barrier. The aim is always to give the virtual human being communicated behavioral traits to enhance interaction with the real human being
·    Evaluation: the major barrier in terms of evaluation is defining the evaluation methodology; in other words, defining a set of criteria and indicators capable of measuring the cognitive intangibles, which, in the context of collective experimentation, represent the tangible elements of performance

Screenshot of a collaborative GVT® scenario containing 2 humanoids and 3 avatars

In terms of scientific spin-off, all those involved in the project are committed to contributing to specialist reviews and conferences specific to the various scientific disciplines concerned.

From the industrial point of view, the sharing of scientific contributions within the GVT® system platform, the demonstration of real-life industrial scenarios, the evaluation of solutions and validation relative to the operational concerns of a user club are all measures of outcome visibility and reduced time-to-market as a result of innovative solutions developed as part of the CORVETTE project.

This project will enable Nexter Training to accelerate its R&D work on areas of technology crucial for effective entry to the markets of tomorrow.

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