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PRI-Nadcap has just awarded Nadcap accreditation to Nexter Mechanics for its Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) processes.

This award marks the culmination of a year of work on these testing procedures, which are applied principally to aerospace and weapons projects.

Nadcap standards were developed by a consortium of the world's largest aircraft manufacturers to introduce effective controls for special processes (non-destructive testing, heat treatment, surface treatment, welding operations, etc.). These process-focused accreditations are today seen as some of the most difficult to obtain in terms both of meeting the requirements imposed and the stringency of the audit procedure.

Nadcap accreditation is now indispensable in garnering new aeronautics contracts. That is why Nexter Mechanics pursues this approach for surface treatments (audit planned for 2011), then for heat treatments.

Associated with ISO 14001 environment certification, Nadcap accreditations provide the Tulle Heat and Surface Treatment businesses with an edge over many of its competitors.

It should be recalled that the company also holds ISO 9001, EN 9100, Part 21G and 145, and just recently AQAP 2110 certification for governmental and NATO contracts.

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