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Our Company

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Mecar has been based in Belgium since 1938, and has built a world-wide reputation as a designer and manufacturer of a comprehensive range of ammunition. This range comprises :

• Direct Fire ammunition for LAVs, Tanks and Infantry, from 25mm to 120mm,
• Mortar and Artillery ammunition,
• Rifle and Hand Grenades,
• Recoilless Rifle ammunition.

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Mecar has a fully integrated design, development and production facility, with over 400 highly motivated and well qualified personnel, and is a supplier to the Belgian Army, to NATO and to numerous other countries around the world.

The production facility includes a fully equipped machine shop, surface treatment lines, fuze assembly, pyrotechnic production lines for tracers, hand grenade fuzing & illuminating candles, explosive pressing and melt pour facilities and a flexible LAP facility.


Our Products

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Mecar has developed a range of medium and large calibre ammunition for a wide variety of weapon systems:

• Medium calibre : 25mm, 30mm
• Direct Fire : 76 mm, 84 mm RCL, 90 mm F1, 90 mm MK3, 90 mm F3 & F4, 90 mm MK8, 100 mm Tank, 105 mm Tank, 106 mm RCL, 115mm Tank, 120mm Tank
• Mortar : 60mm, 81mm, 120mm
• Grenades : Hand, Rifle
• Pyrotechnics : Tracers, Flares, Fuzes, Igniters.

Mecar is certified ISO 9001 (2008 edition), ISO 14001 (2004 edition), OHSAS 18001 (2007 edition) and AQAP 2110


Our Strengths

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• Innovative technical personnel.
• Outstanding workforce/union relations.
• Modern engineering and production facilities.
• Good long-term customer relations.
• Quality products.
• Positive reputation and performance record.
• Worldwide network of representatives.
• Lean management structure.
• Specialising in APFSDS and Multi-Purpose HESH solutions.