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 Static automatic tripping contactor: an electronic power supply cutoff/protection (short-circuits, faults) unit equipped with remote surveillance capability, created by Nexter Electronics.

batmaster1Bat3: equipment that allows the user of a vehicle to be informed on the charging and condition status of its electric battery. It is designed for use on vehicles for which discretion (thermal and acoustic) is essential.

Power Pack Plus (P3): a solution for optimizing the autonomy of electric vehicles composed of a battery and a super-capacitor, a combination that lengthens battery lifetime by more than 30%, increases vehicle autonomy and extends the number of cycles by more than 20%.


Soft Start Solution (S3): solution to reduce the stresses on the mechanical parts of torques on the starters.

Intelligent Integrated Interruptor (I3): electronic control solution for contactors and circuit-breakers assuring line and related equipment protection.


Electronics News

Euronaval 2012

Meet Nexter Electronics on its stand in Euronaval from 22nd to 26th October 2012 - PARIS Le Bourget