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Training dedicated to advanced systems
Research project in its early stages, led by the services of customer support of Nexter Systems, virtual reality, has gradually emerged as an approach addressing the need to improve knowledge and use of equipments.
GVT® combines information, procedures and practice in virtual environments. In this sense it is a means of comprehensive training for the acquisition of "knowledge", mainly declarative, and "know-how," essentially procedural.
Since 2001, training teams of Nexter Systems in collaboration with INRIA (National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control), ENIB (National School of Engineers of Brest) and the CERV (European Centre for Virtual Reality) conducted a training tool generic GVT®, which operates:
• volumetric modeling product definition from their development,
• procedures in respect of engineering projects (implementation, maintenance and repair) and teaching concept applied.
GVT®, in addition to its core of virtual reality has the power of three "engines"
• a behavior engine that defines the system reactions,
• an engine for procedure to formalize the following actions to be performed,
• a teaching engine  to assist the student and the instructor.
All of these developments has been developed from the filing of five patents.
GVT ® functions were designed generically to take into account any kind of procedures in the industrial world. The educational aspect, built-in engines, remains a flexible configuration that adapts to the training concept.
Creating value in your training
GVT ® introduces new dimensions to the training that are characterized by:
• more realistic environments
• making training possible any time any place, without equipment immobilization,
• remove the risk of personal injury,
• remove the risk of damage to your equipment,
• creation of any situation, even those difficult to implement in a real environment.
Autonomy and interactivity:
The experience of Nexter Training in the training dedicated to advanced systems, was taken into account to build GVT ® engines. This "teaching intelligence" guarantee the right balance between students and the instructor, providing both autonomy, interactivity and a very good adaptability to constraints and needs very demanding as: training multi-site, multi-user, multi- configurations, multi-program, multi-languages, always ensuring the same addressing information and know-how.
Performance and profitability:
Realistic and simulated environments, autonomy and responsiveness, reduce the time needed to acquire knowledge and know-how. GVT® solution minimizes the split between training and implementation of knowledge for practice in the art. This causes a high performance training, high profitability, strengthened by a real decrease in systems' immobilization.

The GVT® solution

Training and coaching in the operation of advanced systems

Originally a research project managed by the Nexter Systems customer support teams and funded by the company, virtual reality techniques have gradually become central to a training approach that responds effectively to the need to improve knowledge and the way in which equipment is used.

GVT® combines information, procedures and practical experience within a virtual environment. In this sense, it is a comprehensive training resource that enables the acquisition of ‘knowledge’, which is essentially declarative, and ‘expertise’, which is essentially procedural.

The Nexter Systems training teams have been working with INRIA (the French national institute for research in computer science and control), ENIB (the national engineering graduate school in Brest) and CERV (the European center for virtual reality) since 2001 to create the GVT® generic training system that uses:
·    Three-dimensional models of products created as part of product development (design office data)
·    The procedures resulting from engineering operations (installation, maintenance and repair) and the learning concept applied  

In addition to its virtual reality kernel, GVT® also benefits from the power delivered by three ‘engines’:
·    A behavioral engine that defines the reactions of the system
·    A procedural engine that formalizes the sequence of actions to be carried out
·    An educational engine that assists the training and the trainer

These advanced developments have resulted in the registration of five new patents.

The functions offered by the GVT® system have been designed to be generic, and therefore applicable to all types of industrial procedure. The educational aspects incorporated into the ‘engines’ remain flexible, because their configuration is adaptable to suit the training plan or concept.

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Creating value in your training programs

GVT® introduces new dimensions to the concept training:
·    Environments that are more realistic and accurately simulated
·    Elimination of the risk of personal injury accidents
·    Elimination of damage to your equipment
·    The ability to create every type of situation, even those that are hard to achieve in a real environment

Autonomy and interactivity

All the advanced systems training experience of NEXTER TRAINING has been incorporated into the GVT® software engines. This ‘educational intelligence’ guarantees the right balance between trainees and trainer by simultaneously delivering autonomy, interactivity and a very high level of adaptability to extremely demanding constraints and requirements, such as multi-location, multi-user, multi-configuration, multi-program and multilingual training, whilst guaranteeing that the knowledge and expertise involved are addressed in the same way at all times.

Performance and profitability

Realistic simulated environments, autonomy and responsiveness all reduce the time required to acquire knowledge and expertise. The consistent, balanced and innovative approach delivered by the GVT® solution minimizes the gap between instruction (training) and the implementation of knowledge as part of doing a job. This in turn generates a high level of return from the training involved and a high level of profitability, matched by a significant reduction in systems downtime.

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