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Simmel Difesa

In addition to a hundred years of uninterrupted operation, Simmel Difesa has acquired an in-depth knowledge of the ammunition market, bringing together the experience of major European players in order to create a modern and flexible company. Today, Simmel Difesa supplies medium and large-caliber ammunition to more than 40 countries around the world.

Over time, the company has developed its know-how in the design and manufacture of all ammunition components, from powder and explosives to rockets and metal parts. Thanks to its experience, Simmel Difesa is able to optimize the integration of various elements in order to design first class products.

Simmel Difesa has earned a reputation as a leader in the naval ammunition market and is now, after decades of successful cooperation, the preferred supplier for Oto-Melara guns. Its ability to design and produce in-house advanced proximity rockets makes Simmel Difesa a global leader in the anti-aircraft ammunition market.

Equipped with a powerful and flexible production infrastructure, and taking advantage of the involvement of its highly qualified workforce as well as a reliable supply chain, Simmel Difesa can respond to customer requests with reliable and effective products.

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