SYEGON®  advantages are an easy integration in various types of vehicles, and simplicity of use.
SYEGON® adapts tire pressure wheel by wheel (inflating, deflating while the vehicle is moving) in order to improve mobility and traction power. Thanks to SYEGON technology, piping is never left under pressure, which helps in the reliability and lifetime of the rotating seals in the axles.

A kit SYEGON contains the following components:
- RCP, Remote Control Panel, in the vehicule cabin (dashboard)
- EPCU, Electro Pneumatic Control Unit, mounted anywhere, any position on the frame of the vehicle
- Wheel valves : normally closed, which allows the isolation of a single wheel in case of puncture or leakage in the piping
- RCP-EPCU communication harness (Can Bus SAE J1939 as standard, other on demand)



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