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You are seeking to join a high-tech company on a human scale, design products of the future, and progress in a demanding international environment: 3 reasons to choose Nexter. .

Nexter's Human Resources policy respects values and principles promotingdiversity, equal opportunities and the preservation of health and well-being in the workplace..


Lucas, Graduate program Engineer, Nexter Systems – Satory

LUCAS HASSANWhat made you want to come and work for Nexter?

I basked in the world of defense throughout my school years, so it was naturally that I turned to this sector when I completed my studies.
In particular, during my final internship I researched the different opportunities available to me and Nexter appeared to be a solid, serious company turned toward innovation and, just when I wanted to join the company, growing internationally. 
The land sector, which is one of Nexter’s main orientations, is also an extremely interesting area due to the diversity of its products and projects. 
Finally, Nexter proposed that I attend a Graduate Program. The latter enables young engineers to experiment up to 4 different positions over a 2-year period. I seized this opportunity that provided me with wider experience of Nexter’s different products.

Tell us about your career path and the opportunities available to you at Nexter. How do they fit into your career path?

As I mentioned before, at Nexter I joined the Graduate Program. As a result, in my first two positions I was able to occupy functions dealing with two very different products: the CAESAR® artillery system and the T40 turret that will equip the new lightweight armored land vehicles (EBRC). These two important topics for the company enabled me to work at different stages of each project’s lifecycle. 
Afterwards? For the next six months, I’m leaving the technical field for a more cross-functional area: sales, strategy etc. The program’s path is tailored progressively, according to the profile, to the needs of the company and each individual’s desires. 
And then? Upon completion of the Graduate Program, I’ll be able to choose a more long term position.
This will have been an extremely enriching opportunity and will continue to be so for the next 6 months. I will become familiar with professions that interface with my work and will have had the opportunity to establish a considerable network within the company.

How do you feel now that you have been at Nexter for a few months? (position held, induction process, etc.)

One year after joining Nexter, I have absolutely no regrets! In one year, I have been able to hold varied and enriching positions with the obvious consequence of being able to adapt quickly. The work atmosphere is always pleasant and interactions with more experienced co-workers are very helpful.
“Open mind”, “global vision” and “adaptability” are the key words of a successful Graduate Program!