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nathalieNathalie, Nexter Systems, Systems Production Division, Roanne, 45 years old, Director of the Welded Mechanical Structures skills centre, Expert, hired in December 2006

Tell us about your professional life and the opportunities offered to you by Nexter; how does that all fit into your career path?

Nexter allowed me to quickly reach a level of responsibility that I find attractive. As the Director of the Welded Mechanical Structures skills centre, I work in collaboration not only with Research on the manufacture of prototypes but also with Production on the industrialisation of new products.
Our group actively supports innovation, which allows us to put forward and then validate new methods or processes to improve our productivity. It is an ongoing challenge and very rewarding for any industrial expert.
Welding expertise is recognised and supported at Nexter, so I was able to develop my particular expertise in the area of non-destructive testing through different training courses.