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A chameleon MBT, an augmented infantryman, a chatbot ... The flagship innovations of the Army at VivaTech 2019


The Ministry of the Armies was exhibiting for the first time from 16 to 18 May 2019 at Viva Technology in Paris. For the event, 14 innovations were highlighted. Objective: demonstrate the department's innovation strategy.

MGCS: the 50/50 "is destined to remain" according to Florence Parly


Two weeks after the German ambassador in Paris, it was the turn of the Minister of Armies Florence Parly to discuss the future Franco-German battle tank (MGCS), May 7 before the Defense Committee of the Assembly national. A succinct message, but one that wanted to be reassuring about the persistent vagueness surrounding the industrial setup of the program and the resulting export issues ...

Iraq: Mission accomplished, French artillery detachment officially disbanded


Since September 2016, and from Mosul to Baghouz, the French artillerymen of Task Force [TF] Wagram took an active part in the military operations that led to the end of the "caliphate" self-proclaimed by the head of the Islamic State [EI or Daesh], Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who made an appearance via a video broadcast on April 29th.

NATO: The Army will soon be back in Estonia, with 4 Leclerc MBTs and 13 VBCIs


LECLERC MBT and VBCI will soon return to Estonian soil. Indeed, in the framework of the Enhanced Forward Presence [eFP], ie the strengthening of the Eastern flank of NATO with four multinational battalions deployed in the three Baltic countries and Poland, a joint tactical sub-grouping [S / GTIA] of the Army will again be sent to Tapa, under British command.