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CTA International
is a Joint Venture company
50%/50% BAE Systems (UK) and Nexter
Systems (FR) for the design, development,
production, promotion and sale of the Cased
Telescoped Armament System (40 CTAS). A
dedicated Anglo-French team, focused on 40
CTAS is based in BOURGES (France).
CTA International has developed a
revolutionary Cased Telescoped Armament
System that has created a paradigm shift in
terms of use, logistics and ease of integration
of lethality solutions into armoured vehicles
either as new build or systems upgrades.
The qualification of the CT Cannon and Ammunition developed through the CTA International
joint venture is being jointly funded by both the British and French governments for use by the
British and French armies.
This qualification is in line with the schedule and performance requirements of the French
Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle programme (EBRC) and the British programmes (Scout and
Warrior Capability Sustainment Program WCSP).
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