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Lump sum support contracts offered by
Nexter Systems include management of user
requests for spare parts and the collection
and investigation of technical events.
If the customer has his own logistics
Information System, Nexter Systems services
will be adapted to this tool, otherwise Nexter
proposes the OASIS tool specially developed
for such purposes.
OASIS (Outil d’Aide a la Saisie d’Informations Structurées – Structured Information Acquisition
Tool) is a tool for exchanging information between the maintenance team in the regiment (either
a customer team or a Nexter team) and Nexter support organisation.
This application records and manages all information about the life of the product in the
regiment, namely:
the location and identification of vehicles in the fleet,
any events that occur on the vehicles:
record of potentials (kilometers, engine running time, rounds fired, etc.),
request for information,
technical event with, if any, spare parts requests,
intervention report following deliveries of spare parts (and consequently in-service
configuration management following installations/removals),
deliveries of spare parts.
This tool is naturally interfaced with Sim@doc® to collect spare parts references through the
Caddie function.
This tool can be installed on any Windows® PC.
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