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CREWSHARE® is an integrated vectronics kit
providing a set of services to facilitate the
use of the vehicle and contribute to increased
capability gains.
CREWSHARE® enables the sharing and
exchange of information within the crew
through IHS (Human Interface System). This
HIS is coherent and adapted to operational
use. Using It contributes to accelerate decision
making and maneuver.
Based on an open, modular and scalable
architecture and modern and innovative standards, CREWSHARE® is designed to be installed on
all types of vehicles and offer a catalog of modular services tailored to customer operational
CREWSHARE® is the innovative solution provided to new vehicle, which allows to combine
modernity and ease of use.
CREWSHARE® can also be integrated on old equipment to enable them revaluation ensuring
compatibility with existing equipment.
The ergonomics of CREWSHARE® is adapted to operational missions, and makes its easy and
intuitive use. The control means are optimized and harmonized. Its host structure is based on a
set of equipment and common solutions using standardized interfaces. It also allows to optimize
the support system equipment by streamlining the number of devices and by a reduced training
effort between each equipped vehicle.
CREWSHARE® Nexter integrates:
A vectronics Core consisting of an IP Ethernet bus carrying data, video and audio between
MFD and computer network (physical infrastructure) and an exchange DDS and a vehicle
distributed database middleware.
An assembly of software components and hardware bricks, interfaced via open standards or
gateways to integrate legacy equipment.
Due to its standardized architecture, Crewshare is able to communicate with different equipment
previously installed on vehicles.
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