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Based on information gathered from the experience of operational personnel on the need to
correlate geolocated objects with the direct vision of the field, OPTSYS has developed, based on
its optical products, an innovative range of augmented reality-compatible equipment.
Thanks to OPTSYS’s optical and digital know-how, this augmented vision range allows tactical
information to be overlaid on the real scene in order to enhance the operator’s comprehension
of the operational environment and enable faster decision making. Vehicle stealth and direct
optical vision performances are maintained.
OPTSYS’s augmented reality compatible equipment provides comfortable vision without
distracting the operator from the external scene.
Smart Armoured Glass (SAG) can display customisable tactical information (position of allies/
enemies, target distance…) in the central part in the driver’s field of vision, and system information
in the peripheral zones.
Smart Periscope displays strategic tailor-made information on the day periscope’s direct vision
display, such as turret position, speed…
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