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SYEGON®, automatic Central Tire Inflation
System, with full qualification to military
standards in force, is the best way to
automatically adjust tire pressure to speed, load (3 levels) and terrain conditions (4 types).
Optimizing the contact footprint on the ground while the vehicle is running, SYEGON® increases
vehicle tractive effort, improves its mobility and therefore helps in the safety of the embarked
SYEGON® allows real time pressure and temperature measurement in option.
SYEGON® proposes a protected and long-life-time rotating seal, which is mounted outside the
hub/axle, simplifying the integration of the CTIS system in vehicles.
SYEGON® proposes also a smart panel with pressure values.
Operated with 12Vcc or 24Vcc voltage, SYEGON® features:
tire pressure management wheel by wheel up to 10 wheels,
tire pressure ranging from 0,8 bar as high as 10 bars in warm tires,
driver warning in case of puncture,
compensation of small leakages,
isolation of the damaged tire to prevent reservoir depletion and maintain its pressure in case
of strong tire leakage,
essential functions such as blackout, night/day, High frequency tire watch, Speed/tachometry,
over speed.
SYEGON® is compact, easy to integrate and to customize, being fitted to many tactical and multi-
purpose vehicles of all kinds in various countries and continents.
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