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Nexter Munitions is broadening its offer to
include the following services to be able to
satisfy all customers’ needs:
Technology transfers:
Nexter Munitions can
help you to acquire skills and/or production
capacities in the design and fabrication of
pyrotechnic components and/or conventional
munitions. If necessary, these offers will
be accompanied by technical assistance
in creating infrastructures and related
equipment and in training of persons
responsible for these studies and fabrication.
Nexter Munitions offers dismantling concepts respecting pyrotechnic and
environmental regulations, as a function of your stocks of pyrotechnic components and/
or conventional munitions to be destroyed or recycled. If necessary, these services will be
accompanied by technical assistance and a proposal for training of persons responsible for these
Storage of munitions:
Storage of munitions must satisfy strict rules. Failure to observe these
rules can lead to dramatic accidents with many consequences (loss of life, legal prosecution,
loss of operational capacity, etc.). Nexter Munitions has the expertise in the munitions field
necessary to offer a range of services to assure the safety of pyrotechnic stores while respecting
environmental standards.
Monitoring of munitions:
The basic principles
for secure management in the monitoring of
munitions are to apply state of the art rules
for the storage of munitions, to reduce stored
volumes to precisely satisfy needs, and to
have suitable infrastructures and qualified
personnel. Nexter Munitions can assist
and advise you in this monitoring aimed at
keeping your stocks in operational condition.
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