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Thanks to the Central Tire Inflation System SYEGON®'s technology, pneumatic tubing is never left under pressure - except during processes of inflating, deflating and controling the tire pressure. This technology, on the contrary to other technologies that do leave compressed air in the tubing constantly, presents the following benefits:

* SYEGON®'s technology limits the sollicitation of the rotating seals located in the axles of the vehicle, to the minimum required occurences (inflating, deflating, measuring). This results in a longer life time of these rotating seals, which is a critical part of the truck reliability and particularly costly to repair and change in terms of time and human resource. Thanks to SYEGON®, preventive maintenance periodicity can be extended.

* SYEGON®'s wheelvalves exhaust air from tires directly outside in the atmosphere:

- this avoids contamination going from the tires back into the pneumatic piping, which is the case of other technologies.

- this results in a shorter deflating time. SYEGON® is recognized for being one of the fatest system to deflate tires.

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