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SYEGON®, CTIS, Central Tire Inflation System, controls tire pressure wheel by wheel. That technology is more secure than technologies which manage tire pressure axle by axle:

* Wheelvalves are NORMALLY closed

* Upstraem broken piping will not lead to the deflating of the tire

* In reverse, ONE flat tire can be isolated by SYEGON® and do not lead to the deflating of the other wheels.

* SYEGON®, will still manage the remaining wheels as normal

* SYEGON® can compensate safely a small leakage, preventing therefore the wheel to run flat

Hence, thanks to its technology, SYEGON® provides vehicles more safety avantages that other systems which manage pressure axle by axle, or leave the piping constantly under pressure.

Besides, SYEGON® sends alarms to the crew in case it detects a leakage. The alarm is displayed with a flashing LED representing the concerned wheel.

SYEGON® warns the crew in case of a flat tire with a constant lighting of that LED.


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