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The SYEGON CTIS allows to adjust the pressure individually in each tyre of a tractor and a trailer.

The inflating / deflation is realized while driving to save time when the user decreases the pressure to circulate on soft grounds, then in the re-inflating process when he returns on a road.

The pressure setting is function of 4 types of terrain (hard ground / road, off-road, soft ground / sand / snow, and finally lowest pressure ine case of emergency). Each terrain pressureis optimized according to 3 levels of load (full, 1/2, empty).

The system detects automatically the presence or not of a trailer and checks regularly the pressure in every tyre.

If it detects a leak on a wheel of the tractor or its trailer, SYEGON warns the driver which is the concerned wheel thanks to an alarm on the display screen. In the meantime, SYEGON compensate for the low leak with a continuous injection of compressed air in the leaky wheel, or isolate the wheel for safety if the leak is too large, saving compressed air for the remaining sound wheels and other functions such as the braking system.

Scandinavian timber trucks and French farmers ar using SYEGON with satisfaction.





General screen : Truck + Trailer                                       



         Dispaly of Truck pressure alone                                    Display of Trailer pressure alone








Footprint at low pressure




Footprint at high pressure


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