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Central Tire Inflation System SYEGON® is widely used to increase the cross-country mobility and the performances of vehicles during rallies, raids(treks) or for tourist expeditions.rma3

FULL-AUTOMATIQUE or SEMI-AUTOMATIQUE give the best results to adapt tire pressure on all-terrains, with respect to terrain nature and load on the vehicle, while the vehicle is moving.  

It profites for the best reliability in any circumstances and in any environmental conditions. SYEGON is compliant to all the military standards in term of heat resistance, EMC MIL-STD-461F, contamination (sand, dust, salt spray), ultraviolet and vibrations.



Interface Version TOUT AUTOMATIQUE


Interface Version SEMI AUTOMATIQUE



Mechanics News

Visite du député de la Corrèze M. Jerretie

Vendredi 20 avril 2018, M. Jerretie, Député de la Corrèze, a visité le site de Nexter Mechanics.  Après une présentatio...