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Leclerc Main Battle tank


The LECLERC tank enables armored units to fight, defeat, and survive in the face of an outnumbering enemy. Its ability to fire while moving, high destruction rate and exceptional mobility enables it to impose its rhythm on the enemy. It engages the enemy at a speed on 50 km/h on all-terrains. It fights day and night, under all weather conditions and in contaminated zones. Its all-purpose modular armoring, "hunter killer" function, stealth, agility and engagement distance guarantee it an unequaled survival capacity.




Requiring a crew of only 3 men due to its automatic loading system, its weight in combat order is less than 58 tons in its latest version and its nominal power rated at 1 500 hp. Fitted with hydropneumatic suspension,  its maximum speed is 72 km/h on the road and 55 km/h on all-terrains. Its main weapon is the standard NATO 120 mm/52 cal and it is equipped with a coaxial 12.7 mm machine gun, as well as a 7.62 mm roof machine gun. It is equipped with a commanders stabilized 360° panoramic sight, laser rangefinder, day channel and thermal camera (in its latest versions) and a stabilized mantlet gunner sight with thermal camera, laser rangefinder, day channel and video channel.    

Status: In service in France and UAE.

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