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40mm Cased Telescoped Armament System (CTAS): Cannon (CT C)


The 40 CTAS has been conceived as the next generation weapon of choice for medium calibre systems within Armoured Fighting Vehicles and Infantry Fighting Vehicles. The novel rotating breach technology and the associated cased telescope ammunition of the 40 CTAS is such that it is easily integrated within both manned and unmanned turrets with the benefit of minimum intrusion within the turret. The benefits are multiple in that the crew has greater space within which to operate, the unmanned turret has more space for additional equipments or better stealth profile, the vehicle having a more powerful weapon at its disposal than those with similar calibre equivalents. The 40 CTAS has been designed to provide a future proof capability against armoured threats, urban targets and soft targets in all combat theatres.


- 40 mm Cased Telescope Armament System
- Novel rotating breach mechanism,
- Up to 200 rounds per minute rate of fire, single shot, burst and continuous
- Ability to fire over a wide range of elevation (-10° to +75°)
- Ammunition Natures (GPR-AB-T, GPR-PD-T, APFSDS-T, TP-T and TPRR-T)

Status: CTAI is currently under contract with the UK MoD and French DGA to qualify the 40 CTAS Cannon and Ammunition in readiness for use on the UK MoD WCSP and FRES-SV programmes and for the French DGA for the future EBRC programme.