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5 January 2012 - Nexter Munitions: Inauguration of a robotised machining facility by the Minister for Defence

The announced cuts in defence budgets in Europe and the increased competition in our key weapons markets have spurred Nexter Munitions to develop a proactive export strategy. The company plans to double its export market share within the next five years. This represents 20% of its sales in 2011 and 45% of the current order book.

Multi-year orders provide a favourable framework for ensuring the bedrock of activity and long-term view we need to engage in ambitious projects. The project for investment in a robotised facility for machining and belting of ammunition rounds for the CAESAR artillery system, Nexter Systems' flagship export product, was launched within this framework in September 2010.

This facility, which incorporates the latest technological innovations, will allow Nexter Munitions to increase its competitiveness, reactiveness and independence. It will improve Nexter Munitions' market position in manufacturing flare and smoke ordnance in the 155 mm artillery round range, ordered by the French Army under a multi-year contract. It will allow our productions to be relocated while maintaining domestic jobs.

It should be noted that this project was awarded to local or regional companies:

-    The Socopresses company employing 20 people and based in Yèvre sur Mehun was responsible for the engineering side.
-    The Cirméca company based in Menetou Salon, the Escofier company in Chalon sur Saône, the Arcom company in Thénioux and the Axiléa company in La Chapelle Saint Ursin produced all the equipment.

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