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The activities of Nexter Munitions’ Design Office make it possible to manage product obsolescences in production, but also to develop new products and implement modern technologies corresponding to Forces’ current and future needs: precision, insensitiveness of munitions, enhanced and channelled effectiveness. 
Its latest generation products such as the high-explosive tank ammunition (120 OE), the 155mm 52 calibre insensitive artillery shell (LU 211 IM), the SuperSaFe 30mm aircraft ammunition, the 40mm CTA, the MEMS-based miniature Arming and Safety Devices and the Airburst type rockets for Medium-Calibre ammunition and Tanks, reinforce its leading position on the ammunition market. 

The La Chapelle Saint-Ursin site is equipped with the most modern installations which meet the strictest safety and environmental constraints:

› Processing of explosives by vacuum pouring
› Uniaxial pressing (large object/low rate, small objects/high rate), as well as isostatic pressing
› Medium-calibre cartridge cases
› Production of safety arming devices for ammunition and missile applications
› Integrations of medium- and large-calibre ammunition
› Integration of attack sections for Torpedo and Missile applications
› Expertise in medium- and large-calibre ammunition and in any product with pyrotechnics
› Maintaining of operational availability including distribution and management
› Transfer of technologies. 

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