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We believe that in one’s professional life, development and change are necessary: changing posts, even jobs. We offer all of our employees, no matter their level of experience, the opportunity to work with energy and enthusiasm on high-technology products and to advance rapidly to positions with high levels of responsibility.


The year you are hired, you will attend a 3-day seminar devoted to discovering the Nexter group: strategy and markets, HR policy, visit to research and development activities and the main production sites, and meetings and discussions with executive managers.
Your advisor will accompany you during your first six months on the job.


Nexter aims to offer all of its employees a rich and diverse career path leading to professional and personal development.

Opportunities for mobility are numerous and are based on various tools:
- the Group’s Employment Listings, which every employee can consult
- lcareer committees to identify and formalise employees' desires for development
- the annual interview to review performance, set objectives, and identify a development plan and training needs
- career interviews


Every year, Nexter provides a significant training budget (5% in 2013) to enable each employee to develop his or her skills.